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Dear Chamber Members,

We know that these times are difficult to navigate and, along with concerns about your personal well being and that of your family and loved ones, being business owners adds a host of issues that are likely weighing heavily on your mind. We aim to support you in every way possible through this crisis.

The BC Chamber of Commerce leads a 120-member chamber network of which Port Hardy is a part. We know that by working together we can get things done, open doors to the right people in government and help our members navigate these extremely difficult times. These days we are holding network wide meetings in digital space on a regular basis, which affords the opportunity to share knowledge, ideas and hear from our colleagues from around the province.

The BC Chamber network has a page dedicated to resources you may need. It is updated regularly so check back often.

Please know that we stand ready support all businesses in our community, regardless of membership. We encourage you to sign up for updates and to connect with us...you are not alone in this.

For the latest updates and important information please sign up for our mailing list by emailing manager@porthardychamber.com

Elizabeth Aman-Hume, Executive Director

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